About the Port

What is a Port Authority and what does a Port Authority do?

If you're in the market to finance new construction, land and building acquisition, facility improvements or purchase major equipment, consider talking with the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority.

The Dayton Port is a political subdivision that is used as a vehicle to assist in the economic development process. Port Authorities can loan or secure funds, receive grants and buy assets all in order to facilitate incentive drive financing transactions. As an independent lender with its own long-term fixed-rate financing program, the Dayton Port offers very attractive rates and terms for both large corporate transactions and also for small businesses seeking financing of $1 million or more for fixed assets for their business.

Funding sources are usually a combination of loans and grants with much of the financing coming from the issuance of bonds through the Dayton Port's fixed-rate financing program, rated "BBB+" by Fitch Ratings. The Dayton Port can issue tax-exempt bonds for governments, non-profit and certain manufacturing transactions and can issue taxable bonds for most corporate and for-profit transactions. Another benefit the Dayton Port can offer is to provide sales tax savings by purchasing materials for construction and then leasing them to the company on a capital lease basis. As an independent lender, the Dayton Port employs investment bankers to structure the transaction and then place the debt in the capital markets.

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Board of Trustees

Joe Geraghty, Chairman

Elizabeth Blattner
Nick Comstock
Channon Lemon
Ed McGarry
Rick Poole
Troy Singer
Jennifer Thiebert

Port Staff

Jerry Brunswick, President & Executive Director

Tom Fister, Construction Manager

Brad Evers, General Counsel and Secretary


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